wealth management
Consultative Wealth Management

Our service model embraces a complete Wealth Management Experience, which focuses on our clients' five main areas of concern:

  • Investment Consulting
    Protecting and growing investment nest eggs
  • Wealth Enhancement
    Integrating creative tax strategies into the planning process
  • Wealth Transfer
    Ensuring the smooth and efficient transfer of wealth to future generations and charities
  • Wealth Protection
    Allowing clients to enjoy their financial resources while insulating their wealth from
    catastrophic loss
  • Charitable Giving
    Improving the lives of others while maximizing the benefits of philanthropic activities
  • VIDA Wealth Partners delivers the wealth management experience by working with an exclusive team of professionals who specialize in their respective areas of proficiency. Our firm coordinates and manages the entire planning process, ensuring that all pertinent financial issues are both integrated with the comprehensive plan and addressed to completion in a timely fashion.